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If you've adopted from one of our local animal shelters or rescues - please ask them about our Dog Park Association certificate for newly adopted dogs!

* Use the PayPal "Donate" link below:

- when paying a non-standard amount for a membership

​- when using "Bark Bucks" to pay for a portion of a membership and paying the rest with a Credit Card

NOTE: You do NOT need to have a PayPal account (or sign up for one) to use the Pay Now button. Simply select the option "Don't have a PayPal account?" then "Pay with a debit or credit card" to pay for your membership with a credit card.


How Many Dogs?

 ​common membership questions:

Can I use a credit card to pay my membership dues?

Absolutely.  If you want to pay for your membership with a credit card, you can do so using the PayPal Pay Now button shown above OR you can use your credit card at Buckles Feed Depot; membership application information will still need to be mailed in to the Director of Operations or emailed along with proper rabies certification to:  dpagldoo@gmail.com  

When will I be able to use the Dog Park after sending in my application?

1) If Application is through Buckles ( payment MUST BE MADE AT BUCKLES, they do not accept PayPal payments.) - Buckles will give you a Membership Packet that will include a temporary (two weeks)  Key Card. When you have submitted your application within 2 weeks your permanent Key Fob will be sent in the mail. Once your permanent Key Fob is used, the temporary Key Card becomes inactive - please place it in the Drop Box at the Dog Park.

2) If Application is through the mail - the Director of Operations will send your permanent Key Fob through the mail - we ask that you please allow two weeks to receive your Key Fob. The Key Fob will give you electronic access to Shamrock Dog Park through a locked gate.

I'm moving and won't be using my membership anymore.  Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are not given, but you do have a couple of options. 

1. You can transfer your membership to another member, providing that they have signed all of the proper forms and have a valid rabies vaccination certificate on file. 

2. Also, you can donate the balance of your membership to the dog park scholarship fund.

Can I get more than one key fob?

Yes! However, the cost of an extra key fob is $10.00. When applying for your membership, select the option (Annual w/extra key fob) and the total cost will be $70.00. If you are already a member, and would like an extra key fob, contact Tracy Walder our Director of Operations

What happens if my key fob gets lost or stolen?

Contact the Director of Operations for a replacement key fob at a cost of $10.  Once the new fob is issued your old one will become invalid.

week pass - $10

  • Good for Monday to Sunday OF the week purchased.
  • Good for ONE dog, additional dog/s are $5 per dog.


Buckles feed depot

 220 South 4th Street, Lafayette, IN  47901


To purchase a WEEK pass, you will be required to:

     Provide a paper copy of your dog's rabies vaccination  

     certificate and sign a Hold Harmless agreement.

NOTE: The WEEK pass is programmed to work on Monday through Sunday OF the week purchased. Therefore a PASS that is purchased ON:

  • Mon - is good through Sunday
  • Tue - is good through Sunday; etc..
  • Wed - Sun; Thu - Sun; Fri - Sun; Sat - Sun
  • Sun - is ONLY good for Sunday

Week passes are a great way to try out the park before purchasing an annual membership.


annual memberships - $60

for up to three dogs (each additional dog is $10)

 ​​In order to buy an annual membership, you must:

  1. Fill out a membership application (fillable PDF), which includes
  2. the Hold Harmless agreement,
  3. Provide paper proof of rabies vaccination
  4. Turn in all of your forms and payment to:

Shamrock Dog Park    P.O. Box 4671    Lafayette, IN  47903


Membership applications can be

  1. downloaded:   Membership Application (fillable PDF),
  2. obtained by contacting the Director of Operations.


Once your application is processed, a key fob will be mailed to you and your membership will then be active.